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03/31WTF with Marc Maron interview

03/25Rumpus Radio – Mr. Funny Pants interview

03/04Interview Magazine – Mr. Funny Pants interview

02/28Flavorwire – interactive interview

02/24Stacked Up video interview

02/23EW’s Shelf Life – Mr. Funny Pants interview

02/22Vanity Fair – Michael Reads from Mr. Funny Pants

02/22Salon: Our Picks – Mr. Funny Pants

02/22Punchline – Michael Showalter: The accidental comedian?

02/14Humor Hotel: People sure do like that Super Bowl

01/17Humor Hotel: Take it easy, Bachelorhood


12/14Humor Hotel: What’s really wrong with Spider-Man musical

11/10Risk! Podcast – Episode 203 “The Chase”

10/19Humor Hotel: Nobody Wants a Bummer Ending

10/11Humor Hotel: It Pays to Advertise

08/31PopMatters interviewed Michael at the Pitchfork Music Festival.

08/02Crushable interviews Michael.

07/30The 404 Podcast interviews Michael.

07/17Wikipedia Files interviews Michael at Pitchfork Music Festival.

07/13Risk! Podcast – Episode 121 “Be Afraid”

06/30Humor Hotel: I Want to Like Soccer

06/02Humor Hotel: I’m Not Looking Forward to 40

05/05Humor Hotel: Sound Machines

04/06Humor Hotel: Paying Taxes is a Blast!

03/11Humor Hotel: Winter Olympics

03/05Risk! Podcast – Episode 112 “Obsession”

02/15YRB Magazine interviews Stella.

01/15Tonic – Michael recaps the Project Runway Season 7 Premiere.


12/10Pop Views interviews Michael.

12/09Stereogum has Michael’s 2009 Gummy Awards Ballot.

10/31Eye Weekly interviews Michael & Michael.

10/30Classic Stories Classic Nights interviews Michael & Michael.

10/29The Boston Phoenix interviews Michael & Michael.

10/26Express Night Out interviews Michael & Michael.

10/23Rooftop Comedy interviews Michael & Michael.

10/19Yellow Scene Magazine interviews Michael & Michael.

10/16Get Real Denver interviews Michael & Michael.

10/15The Onion AV Club Milwaukee reviews the live Michael & Michael show.

10/13Cheeky Chicago interviews Michael and Michael.

10/12Chicago Verse United interviews Michael and Michael.

10/12The Chicagoist Podcast interviews Michael and Michael.

10/12The Onion AV Club Milwaukee interviews Michael and Michael.

10/11Fox Detroit Morning Show interviews Michael and Michael (video).

10/07The State News interviews Michael and Michael.

10/06Social Workout with Michael.

09/21The Onion AV Club – 14 worthwhile tv shows about tv.

09/ reviews the “Stella: Live in Boston” DVD.

08/27Time Out Chicago reviews season one of “Michael and Michael”.

08/26The Onion AV Club reviews Episode 7 of “Michael & Michael”.

08/ interviews Michael & Michael.

08/19The Onion AV Club reviews Episode 6 of “Michael & Michael”.

08/12The Onion AV Club reviews Episode 5 of “Michael & Michael”.

08/06The Onion AV Club reviews Episode 4 of “Michael & Michael”.

08/03Blackbook Magazine interviews Michael & Michael.

07/29The Onion AV Club reviews Episode 3 of “Michael & Michael”.

07/29Starpulse interview.

07/29TV Guide presents cubicle confessions with Michael & Michael (video).

07/29Esquire presents Michael & Michael Have Issues with Twitter.

07/27The Sound of Young America interviews Michael & Michael.

07/24The Zaz! Report has a meeting with Michael & Michael.

07/ hosts a debate with Michael & Michael.

07/22The Onion AV Club reviews Episode 2 of “Michael & Michael”.

07/21Late Night with Jimmy Fallon interviews Michael & Michael (video).

07/18Cinema Diving interviews Michael & Michael (video).

07/15Fresh Air radio interview with Michael & Michael.

07/15The Onion AV Club interviews Michael & Michael.

07/15The Onion AV Club reviews Episode 1 of “Michael & Michael”.

07/15New York Magzine “daily intel” with Michael & Michael.

07/14Late Show with David Letterman interviews Michael Showalter (video).

07/13Variety reviews Michael & Michael.

07/13Asylum interviews Michael & Michael.

07/11Cinema Diving interview.

07/11College Humor interviews Michael Showalter.

07/10The New York Times article about “Michael & Michael”.

07/09The NY Times interviews Michael Showalter & Michael Black about The State (audio).

07/08Screen Junkies interviews Michael & Michael (video).

07/08A Tight 5ive with Michael & Michael (video).

07/08Time Out New York writes about “Michael & Michael” and the premiere party.

07/07My Old Kentucky Blog profiles Michael & Michael.

07/07Details Online interviews Michael & Michael.

07/01PopEater interviews Michael & Michael.

06/18Time Out Chicago interview.

06/17Time Out NY on set with Michael & Michael (video).

05/28“Jews I Could Totally Take in a Fight”

05/11Heeb Magazine interview.

02/24The Rumpus interview.

02/18Comedy Central greenlights “Michael and Michael Have Issues”.

02/09Time Magazine reports on the spoof of the NY Times Weekender commercials.

02/04The Brooklyn Rail article about Stella.

01/26SF Weekly Blogs: Last Night reports on the reunion of The State.

01/22Rolling Stone article about The State reunion at SF Sketchfest.

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