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LeBron Returns!

Cleveland’s real riled up about the Cavs-Heat match-up tonight. REAL riled up. Apparently the city’s still miffed that LeBron ditched Ohio for palm trees and sunny weather, and, oh yeah, lots and lots of moneys and gold and shiny objects.

The pithy t-shirt industry is going CRAZY! “Queen James,” “LeQuitter,” “Cleveland Never Quits.” These are all fine. But I think I can do better.

PITHY LEBRON SHIRTS, by Michael Showalter

If only ALL million-dollar ideas were this easy!

cool stuff on the web

The internet is the most wonderful place in the world!
That’s why it’s called the Wonderful World Web.

Here’s some cool stuff from some cool sites that I think are pretty cool.

Toothbrush Manufacture Secrets REVEALED

All hail dental hygiene!

(via the daily what)

Cool Tunes: Pogo’s Snow White Remix

(via nextmovie)

LEGO Does Movies

See, young Danny Torrance, playtime IS fun.

(via gawker)

Ricky Gervais sings Elmo “Celebrity Lullabies”

(via urlesque)

And for the New York lovers out there…

(via gothamist)

Doodle Monday – October 25th

i am amazing please watch me

Graphic Monologue from “Wet Hot”

David Wain found this on Youtube and we both thought it was cool. Nice job to the person(s) who made it.

A splash of color intended to spruce things up.

This splash of color is intended to spruce things up a little bit.
I created this splash color of during a phone conversation with
Michael Black. He and I were discussing the british “Office” at the time.
I was listening to the “Sweeney Todd” movie soundtrack. This splash of
color combines: green, red, yellow, blue and green. (Yes, I did say green twice.)

New Yorker Cartoon-Off!

I recently competed with New Yorker cartoonist Farley Katz in a “cartoon-off” Follow the link to see it. LINK

But As Soon As I Feel Like People Are Catching Onto My Disguise I Switch It up and Wear a New Disguise


Sometimes When I Don’t Want People to Notice Me I Wear a Disguise


The Candidates & Their Stances

This is Hillary Clinton’s stance on health care.