Feb 12


My next door neighbors Amy and Lynne took Lil Button in and they wrote me this letter. They, like me, have a full-house of kittles and so have to find loving homes for the new cats they take in. Here’s what they had to say about sweet Little Button:

“Button is a special case. She has tested felv (leukemia) positive. However, the positive read was very light, which means a second testing could show a negative result. Either way, felv cats can and do live healthy, long lives. The only catch is that she must go to a home with another cat that is felv positive or be a single cat. And just so you know: felv in cats, in no way, shape, or form effects humans. We just need to find that right home for her with an understanding person and/or a cat that has felv that needs a little buddy!

I can’t say enough about how innocent and adorable she is. She is like a little baby. If you talk to her, she always talk back with a sweet chirp.

She was crying one night outside our window a couple of months ago and we’ve had her inside ever since. She is really tiny and loves to rest in the window during the day and sleep at the foot of our bed at night. When we wake up, we often find that during the night she has put her toys all around us. It is the most adorable thing.

If you are able, could you spread the word and show her picture? Or at least keep your ears open for anyone who might be a good fit for her.

Thank you so much!
Amy and Lynne”

If you want to adopt Button leave a message here on this post and I will contact you.