Good morning, Philadelphia

On Philly’s AM “The 10! Show” last week:


  1. I feel like that guy didn’t quite “get” you.

  2. A friend of mine was interviewed on this show a few years ago. While my friend was answering a question, the host must have decided things weren’t quite lively enough, perhaps a little too conventional, so he decided to interrupt my friend by making a strange noise while thrusting a stuffed shark in his face. The host placed the shark back under his chair and resumed the interview as if nothing had happened. He seems to thrive going off the cuff. Glad to see he’s still got it.

  3. that host is a jerk. I read Mr. Funny Pants at a laundry mat. I just sat there laugh/shaking with tears rolling down my face, trying to keep it under control. keep it going man.

  4. Went to buy this book at Barnes and Nobles. The cashier rung it up, I opened my wallet, looked at her and said, “We don’t have… this money.”

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