this morning on the subway


  1. thanks !! very useful article!

  2. Do you feel that you are a new man from this experience???? Have you seen the light??? WOW, what a way to start your day! I’m sure she feels good about herself. What a spectacle sport!

  3. Nice capture!

    I once took the subway from Brooklyn Heights to Penn Station and we had, in rapid succession, a preacher, a poet, and a mariachi band.

  4. I hope you told her that you love Jesus and that you make out in the back of a Mercedes every Saturday night on your dates after the sock hop.

  5. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Michael Showalter, Michael Showalter, Meredith Modzelewski, John Campbell, Andrea Lemelin and others. Andrea Lemelin said: RT @mshowalter: This morning on the subway in Brooklyn. Enjoy! […]

  6. The people in this world are diverse and fascinating but I never ride public transit without headphones and sunglasses.

  7. Uuuuuuuggggggg. She was on my train a couple weeks ago. She was totally pissed off with love. Screamed two feet away from me for about five minutes. Gave me a headache.

  8. I think it’s always nice to get BOTH sides.

  9. Did you find out if she was single?

  10. Was she your opener? You NY’s will have an Open Mike anywhere

  11. She seems nice.

  12. wow, that lady was very brave to be so unconventional in her outburst of religious fervor. i actually kind of admire her for the way in which she braves the individual who may turn away and look knowingly at others like, ‘that lady is weird.’ i can actually relate. one time, i had the urge to declare, ‘halelujah’ on an instant message, after which i spouted out a few more things praising God and i can’t remember what else. then a guy was really irked and told me politely to stuff it and that made me feel really badly.

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