Doodle Monday: Man Smoking Pipe


  1. *ssssnfff* Mmmm. That’s Cavendish, innit?

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  3. crack pipe?

  4. Amazing. I perfer to be a on the other end of secondhand smoke. I don’t smoke, but I do at times do enjoy the smell of pipe or cigarette. Or the lite scent of smoke in diners and hotelrooms. So is this a portrait of a sea captain?

  5. Did you switch to pipes? I’ll have to remember to bring my tobacc-y next time we see you!

  6. Happy fine b’day dddrum! The Cavendish all around to celebrate another wonderful killer day.

    Very thoughtful

    (No doubt another fine suggestion seeps upward from the Muppet lady once again. What a heavenly bundle of simmering joy she must be to work with)

  7. i really like this. i almost feel like i can reach out and catch that smoke with my hand.

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