Doodle Monday: somewhere in malta a man thinks about six people having sex


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  2. I lived in Malta for a couple of months. That place is great. Lots of cats everywhere.

    Cats of Malta:

  3. Hey, I’ve actually been to Malta. Not many can say that…except for the Maltese and a few vacationing Brits.

  4. Oddly-now-somewhere in Savannah a man is also thinking about 6 people having sex.

  5. There’s a Malta, Illinois. I’ve been there. I’ve met this guy.

    Also picked up that he was all in blue. Don’t think you can get all sexually subliminal and some of us NOT get it, Mr. Walt Disney cartoonist.

  6. I can’t fap to this!

  7. You gotta kind of hunker down and gaze into his eyes, then you can glimpse the three orgying couples, projected on the yellow curtains behind him. It’s really quite rema–HEY! ISN’T THAT CHARLENE? WITH EDDIE??? SON OF A–


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