Doodle Monday – November 15th (just kidding not naked)


  1. Lame…I wanted a naked lady. I’m disappointed in you. Yes, I’m a pervert. So?

  2. This looks exactly like at least 12 hipsters I’ve seen. Notice I didn’t say “hipster girls.”

  3. She’s crying because she’s not naked right now.

  4. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Michael Showalter, :), Eko Berry, saesay88, Call of the Bison and others. Call of the Bison said: RT @mshowalter: Doodle Monday! NAKED LADY!!!!!!!! [...]

  5. That’s the exact same look my high school algebra teacher gave me when I asked if I could get extra credit by giving her a back massage (she was always pregnant).

  6. Is she Jewish? You can tell by the fingers.

  7. Pearls and a huge buckled belt. This is not the fashion editor from Glamour, tell you that right now.

  8. Not giggity.

  9. Well, I jerked off to it anyway.

  10. Not to pick, but she could use a more supportive brassiere.

  11. She looks like my mom.

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