Doodle Monday October 18th


  1. That chick is NOT interested in this cocktail party.

  2. HEY– that chick’s not a chick at all! It’s a Picasso that dude just lifted from the foyer! STOP! THIEF!!

    No, wait. It’s just a botched facelift. I am so– dreadfully sorry. Here. Here’s ten bucks. Are we OK?

    And then I woke up. 8^O

  3. Can I buy a print of these doodles anywhere?

    watch my video.

  4. Is that you in the argyle? Looking pretty hairy and mysterious.

  5. Argyle sweater vest and defensive body language. Hmmm.
    The woman has too many accessories and not enough enthusiasm. :)

  6. Love your doodles, Sho.

    You know your body language. Look at all the uncomfortable cross-armed intellectuals.

    My favorite couple is the tall guy with the Jeff Goldblum lips. He’s a Visiting Professor named Lance. The short guy, Bryan, is an Associate Professor and a first class snob. He’s pouting because he just spun a lie the size of Lances lips and they both bloody well know it.

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