The Making of The Intel Choir Commercial

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Have you ever seen the Intel commercials where at the end of the ad there’s like a thousand Intel employees against a white limbo gleefully singing the Intel jingle, “Bum-ba-bum-bum-bum”? Every time I watch it I imagine what it must have been like to get them all together and teach them the song. That’s what the video is about.

The video stars Zak Orth and Andrea Rosen as the choir directors.

Check it out.


  1. Have recently become aware of your work and appreciate the more subtle comedy you write and perform. Like this… Great work. Would like to see more of this. p.s., The bagel and shmear was a beautiful touch!

  2. Ha! Excellent work, Sho. (although I really like Zak, I would love for you to have been the choir director)

  3. This is great. You should do more of these. Zak is so good and Andrea’s silent acting is unmatched. Who’s the girl with the short hair? She looks familiar. Great facial expressions and pretty cute.

  4. I wish I could watch this in Canada. We seem a little behind you folks in technology. Case in point: we’re just getting Titanic in our theaters.

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