1. I love your doodles, but what’s up with the password protected post. That’s not very fun if you don’t know the password. : (

  2. Nice. I like that the man (the one with the tree) is wearing a collared shirt under his sweater.

    And maybe I’m just not in on the joke, but I second Sarah’s sentiments about the password post. ):

  3. Is that man a ginger lumberjack? please let the answer be yes.

  4. Tyrannosaurus Becs

    Have you ever listened to The Pale Pacific? If not, check out their CD, Urgency. I feel like they’d be right up your ally. Also, I like-a your drawings.

  5. I think the Brawny man is upset that all those new “green” paper towel companies are stealing his swagger.

  6. Yo Show,

    I see it is ALSO your birthday today. Did you know that we share a birthday with 1975 – Chloe Jones, American pornographic actress, unfornutately she (d. 2005).

    We also share a birthday with Greg Kinnear and Will Forte, but I really don’t like or dislike those people.

    Anywho, let’s wrap this up. PENIS PENIS PENIS.

  7. Neat illustrations. Very much like what Jeff Bridges has on his site.

  8. what are you trying to talk to us? Is loneliness?

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  9. So start Christian louboutin with “heads”

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