Sound Machines (Chicago Tribune)

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  1. Good job, my friend:)
    My husband has one of them thar sound machines and chooses the rain setting. For a girl with a weak bladder, this is not acceptable. The bird noises make me want to sit up and throw a pillow at the fake birds or at least run screaming from the room like a Hitchcock movie. Train sound puts me on edge.
    I prefer no noise machine with an occasional house-settling noise and/or cat pitter-patter.

  2. 1. We sell ‘sound machines’ at the toy store where I work. They’re disguised as cuddly, lovable sheep and giraffes, but really they just want to make jungle noises at your infant while your back is turned.

    2. People in Seattle would probably use light boxes before sound machines. You know, as therapy for SAD.

    3. If I had a sound machine I would hook it up to a clapper. There isn’t any obvious irony there, but I still think it’s kind of funny. ^_~

  3. I’m excited about the book! Are you doing anything to promote it? Book tour? Please?

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