SUNNY DAY un film de M.E.Showalter


  1. It won’t let me view the video as it says it is “private and that I need to accept the sender’s friend request.”

  2. Why is it private?

  3. why showalter? i need to see this now!!

  4. Yeah Mike, pleeeease?

  5. He’s just building the buzz, and when it reaches a fevered pitch BANG!

  6. Jim Biederman

    It isn’t working.

  7. Scott Bateman

    Not only is it working fine now, it just won the Paw d’Or.

  8. Jim Biederman


    Cathair du Cinema

  9. Cat Fancy rated it eight meows out of ten.

  10. Slightly disappointing – Sally looks like a promising young upstart, but Tim was really phoning in his performance. I hope the rest of the crew can carry this film.

  11. Are you OK?

  12. OH. MY. GOD. I’ve been waiting for a movie that tackled issues of staring into space ever since Hugh Wilson’s 1999 classic “Dudley Do-Right” blazed the proverbial trail for films about staring into space.

    I do worry about all that sun with all those cats, though. Surely, cats can only withstand so much direct sunlight before mutating into some hideous monstrosity.

  13. MonsterKilledThePilot

    This better not be in 3D.

  14. Are you kidding? This would be AWESOME in 3D. Only better 3D movie would be “The Human Centipede.”

  15. Totally worth it. Lovely kitties!

  16. I’m afraid this movie would be too painful for me to watch, as it’s not unlike looking into a mirror.

  17. The music. The kitties. Perfection.

  18. scary ….. how much it costs
    i will buy this movie XD

    and part 2 sunny day with clouds and the killer cat ^^

  19. I will be calling our nearest Imax theater tomorrow morning asking for show times- Nay! DEMANDING show times!

  20. I’m waiting for it to come out on Netflix. Instant play. I’m too lazy for the discs.

  21. (p.s. What’s the “E” stand for? I say Edith.)

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