1. Was this right before he bludgeoned her and his lover came to help him hide the body?

  2. This commercial has made me crack up everytime I’ve seen it. I’m glad someone else recognizes its insanity. …Then again, I wouldn’t mind feigning fear of thunderstorms if it got me some bling.

  3. Thunderstorms are sweet and sexy, but somewhat of an odd time to whip out an ugly necklace.

  4. This commercial was obviously the best Kay commercial out there UNTIL this one came along:


    Don’t remember this place…YOU WILL!! Mwahahaha…

  5. Ok, so you twitted asking what are peoples most favorite terrible commercials, or something, and I replied about this commercial…then come to find this is on your website…if you werent quasi famous, and I wasnt quasi creepy internet fan, we would have fun as buds. I listened to your mini rant on the risk podcast about the bachelor tv show, and you described exactly what happens when my girlfriend and I watch that show. I get up and act like Im going to leave, then I sorta stand in the door way saying “oh my god, you DONT LOVE HIM!” Its crazy. Anyway. Thanks!

  6. a few months later and my post seems full creepy instead of quasi.

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