CAT BUDDHA (starring my cat Louie, with original music by me)


  1. Wow… This is pretty amazing. Louie looks very confused, but very calm at the same time. I would definitely follow the teachings of Louie.

  2. I will sleep better this evening having seen Cat Buddha. Thank you for the pleasant dreams.

  3. The Most Serene Cat, indeed.

  4. Lovely. Cat Buddha is my favorite Buddha.

  5. Okay, That… is amazing. i enjoy cats; I have one named Cholo and she is the baddest bitch.
    Okay, lemme just say… I saw you, Michael Showalter and Michael Ian Black in Milwaukee, WI this past fall. You both were amazing and I hope that you both come back. Even if y’all (yes, I just did a ‘y’all’) want to stay at my crizzib… that means ‘crib’ or ‘house.’ I play mean poker and love The Pixies. The Pixies + Poker… really? Really?! So… yes, and I own a cat. Please think about it, I know I will.

    <3 Jamie

  6. Loves me some Louie!

  7. This music is so nice!!

  8. I liked the music a lot! See you in DC next week!!!
    (not personally but as a member of the crowd)

  9. What the crap? I stop checking your site for a week and now there’s a bunch of stuff including cats and music?? Well if that’s what it takes to get you to upload awesome stuff, I’ll visit less frequently.

    But doood. Nice music. You should learn how to play the Omnichord. I think you’d love it.

  10. What? This is a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e…..

  11. 1. Your cat is Jabba.

    2. Music was lovely.

    I’m resting my chin on my fist now and admiring your whimsy. Whiiiiiiiiiiimsy,… hmmmmmmmmm. *eye flutter, deep sigh*

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