Cobble Hill Park #2 (in color + more birds.)


  1. Nicely colored! And what’s this? One bird has multiplied to three? :)

    Does coloring your drawings take a long time? For some reason I have the feeling it isn’t as easy as just using the bucket fill tool.

  2. i’m not sure why, but looking at this picture makes me feel very calm.

  3. your drawings are lovely! they are!

    hearts, stars, moons, & clovers,

  4. Not that I don’t like the b/w one, but the color one makes me want to kill myself less.

  5. i love all of your pictures! this one especially!! i agree – this picture does do something nice, it creates a feeling, a nice one : ). it is calming : ).

  6. (cont’d from previous post) kind of like in The Baxter – the color, tones achieved in various scenes, including the office scenes, and the one where there is a performance artist (in the neon green outfit) at the place where cecil sings.

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