Rainy Day Brooklyn


  1. I love everything about this!

  2. So…twice I posted saying “very nice!” and both times it either does not show, or SOMEONE is jsut rejecting out of, what, not-niceness?

    Fuck that.

  3. Good choice of colour.

  4. I’m totally digging the copy/paste birds.

    Also, is it weird that your drawings kind of remind me of Ludwig Bemelmans’?

  5. holy cow this is good mike. the colors are SUPER.

  6. LOVE IT!

  7. This is especially lovely!

  8. This is actually really good! (and yes, actually implies that i did not expect you to create anything that would ever be “really good”)


  9. I had no idea you created such. Do you ever sell any of these?

  10. I love the birdies, or are those flowers. Either way, I miss everything about the city, Buffalo is home to rainy days, but they’re no fun

  11. ill give you $10 for this one

    (that is all i can muster)

  12. does the colour you used stand for something?

    go to Christian louboutin, find what you want.

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