1. 2 posts in 2 days! Encouraging! You are a great doodler my man.

  2. Doodly-doodlin’-doodles! Yay!

  3. Big hairy bush baby

    Your dimensions are so


  4. I just happened by your blog through a long series of links. I didn’t know much about you before, but now that I’ve scrounged around in the last few years of your posts, I feel like I know…


    Mostly, I just wanted to comment and say that I heart your art. No lie.

  5. isn’t the fun of doodles is that they are not “art”? They are doodles and by God, from time to preferably very soon after time, we must indulge in them!!

  6. Heh I think ‘doodles vs art’ is one of those ‘square is a rectangle’ situations, except a little more subjective. Maybe it’s the simplicity of the drawings (and the fact that they’re titled ‘doodles’) that makes you feel like they don’t qualify as art, but they have a lot of character. That’s what I like. And I’m not sure what the actual artistic term is, but I enjoy the visual timing- it’s solid in its own slightly sparse, not quite disjunct style.

    So the point is that you can stop worrying because I AM indulging in them.

    ((But mostly I thought it was funny that ‘heart’ and ‘art’ rhymes.))

  7. You draw a nice truck!

  8. Trucks.

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