Halloween Party Doodle



  1. Is this true to life?

  2. The scariest costume of all!

  3. Another brilliant Showalter work of art.

  4. hands should be bigger.

  5. Yay! New doodle!

    I think there should be one hanging in every hipster apartment in Brooklyn. In the world!!!

  6. Is the happy couple drinking wine? Or blaaaahd?

    More doodles, please, Mr. Doodler. (<–not meant to sound creepy).

  7. Creepy would be “Diddler”, Renee. Doodle is drawing or poop.

  8. Which one is Michael?

  9. I wanted the same costume but my wife is a porker.

  10. I’m so bored. I wish you doodled every day. But then the doodles would probably depreciate in value. Like gold. Can’t have too much of a good thing. Ok, you’re right. Doodle sparingly. Damn you and your wisdom.

    p.s. nice doodle.

  11. I know it’s past Halloween, but maybe next year you could go as Eddit Mitchel:


  12. Sho, please blog more.

  13. Are you wearing an Ugly Christmas Sweater in the doodle atop (fancy for “at the top”) of your homepage?
    If so, that’s stellar.
    If not, sorry for wasting your time**

    **not really
    Team Ugly

  14. Your doodles always amaze me.

  15. This was my costume this year, and ever year before that. Except I can never find a guy to dress up with me. Blerg. Blarg.

  16. haha Zoe! Well, a well-made costume never goes to waste. I keep putting on my “I’m successful with lots of money and power and koala bears and a jet ski” costume every year. Still waiting for the success/money/koala/jet-ski accessories to come in and complete the look. eerrrrr…one day!

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