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  1. How can you make a show when Kari Ferrell is on the loose in Brooklyn?

  2. hi joanie

    i can see your emails. so how’s it going?

  3. My friend said I wouldn’t do it. I showed her. I really don’t care who sees it. Why, do you want to email me?

  4. It would be a small price to pay for michael to date me! Jk! How are you?

  5. just wanted to wish you the best of luck with your book. may any writer’s block be of the variety easily cured with kentucky bourbon!

  6. Anthony Panarelli

    I don’t want to get to know you like Joanie. I just want to use you for your body, and any extra cash you have on hand. Thanks man!

  7. what the hell is up with that joanie girl? Either that is some really good dry humor, or i’m honestly creeped out.

  8. Damn! It was supposed to be funny. Nevermind

  9. Hi Michael,

    I’ve been wrestling with this for quite some time now, and I’ve finally mustered up enough courage to address you formally: I think I’m in love with your cat Tim. I’m really not looking for anything “serious” — I’m already in a committed relationship with two cats — I simply want to be Tim’s friend. I would love to converse with Tim via email and perhaps the occasional telephone chat. Please let Tim know how I feel and we can proceed from there. True friendship often blossoms when one least expects it!

  10. The theme song for the Michael Showalter Showalter was on a Quest (Local Singles) Commercial on tbs.

    Also I think I saw Michael dressed as a cop in a “Pediasure” Commercial.
    Can anyone verify these sightings?

  11. I think Violet gets my humor. Hilarious!

  12. So excited to see your issues with Mr. Black, and am really thoroughly enjoying getting to see all your interviews. Especially the Screen Junkies interview. Watching you fiddle with your mic pack and try to hide your smiling while you and Black secretly crack each other up was the highlight of my day. Thank you.

    But you should definitely smile more — it suits you :)

  13. Good Luck Michael… and…
    …Good Luck Michael!!

    We’re spreading the word as far as we can… now only if we could advertise on poison ivey!

    Can’t wait for Wednesday


  14. tomorrow! Tomorrow! It’s happ e ning to mor row!! Tappity tap tap tap tap tap. (I can’t sit still.)

    p.s. I just called up my nerd army. We are turning out in droves :)

  15. Joanie is a whore.

  16. Hello, Michael. I just wanted to tell you that I have been a fan of yours since The State. My friends and I at the time all watched together and quoted sketches all the time.

    I wish you and your friends the best of luck in all of your endeavors. You are very talented and seem like a cool guy.

    If there is another site where I can post comments to your fellow State-ers, please let me know. Thank you!

  17. Wow fluff- so nice and mature. Are all the girls in your high school like you?

  18. Hey if anyone could help or if Michael reads this and could email me. In the dick hugger episode there’s an oil painting they cut to of a man with a powdered wig with a huge boner. I need to know if I can get a hold of this painting or you have a picture that you could send me. I need to have this picture. my email is

  19. Greetings Sire Showalter, In rebuddle to “chicken cheeks”, i have come up with some grand retalliations for clever penis labels! Mole Pole, Rooster Red-Hot, Salamander Grandstander, Peeper Pecker, Tick Dick, Whalie Weinie, and Squirrel Sausage!!!! Thanks, Ill be here all week- Trying to come see you guys at Turner Hall on Oct. 14, Email me if you dare!

  20. I am Joanie

  21. i don’t know if you’d ever respond to this, but herea goesa (please add a slide in pitch to these last to words. it’s more effective. i’ve tried it)

    i really appreciate your love for cats. what do you think of raising a mini pig? they grow to be cat size.

  22. Why was the L.A. show canceled????

  23. I think it’s funny that the last post was in April but it keeps getting comments. Why do we keep coming to this page when it doesn’t get updated? I don’t know. For love of the Sho. There you go.

    We are so weird. Showalter, you make me laugh. Thank you for that.

  24. I like your blog a lot, you have some interesting posts on here. I myself have a site that provides inspiration and guidance to people all around the world. However, I need some help in spreading the word, because the site is new. I was wondering if you wanted to exchange links so we can spread the word about both of our sites. Let me know.


  25. Hey, I just watched the “College Show” episode yesterday, with the bunny stomping sketch, and then today on Boingboing I saw the news that feral bunnies had overrun the University of Victoria campus out in BC. Maybe they need some real-life bunny stomping!

    Big fan of everything… Thanks!

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