Me & A.D. Miles on Jimmy Fallon

My good friend A.D. Miles asked me to be in a bit with him on Jimmy Fallon’s show last week. A.D. is the head writer. It was really fun. I got to meet Vampire Weekend. A little inside scoop: Jimmy Fallon is a very nice man.


  1. Fantastic! My mind is blown.

  2. I hope this means we’ll be seeing more of you on late night!

  3. Susanna (Frodo)

    It was fun to see you and AD combine prepositions and go patchless!

  4. I did not even know A.D. Miles was the head writer. Congratulations, Head Writer A.D. Miles. And congratulations, Mike Showalter. And congratulations, World.

  5. oh, that was awesome. It’s good to see both Miles and Show in the public eye again.

  6. I think it was little to high brow for most of the peeps in the audience. However, me and my 1974 20+ year old Tawny Port (snotty hr hr hrrrr here) thought it was absolutely delectable.

  7. I’m a graduate student AND I’m on spring break. Now I feel pressured to go patchless…..

  8. Ironically, today was the Festival of Dionysos that is put on by the Classics Society on campus…

  9. I missed it! I had seen A.D. in a sketch before. that’s cool he asked you to be on…. maybe you’ll be on more and next time around I’ll be able to see it.

  10. Oh those wild crazy elbows… you patchless Slut! Hilarious and adorable. Now if only you’d smoked some fine tobacco from a bong. You the shiz.

  11. Your facial expressions are golden…always. Michael Showalter, you inspirational bastard.

  12. Wow you’re sexy in argyle.

  13. I’m sure Jimmy is cool. Except for when he goes on vacation and doesn’t make that clear on his website and you wake up at 5:30 AM to get standby tickets that don’t exist. Michael, your long lost cousin is in Brooklyn and misses you.

  14. really, those are CLEARLY meant to be ENGLISH grad students, not math/science nerds.

    the combining of prepositions gives it all away.

    [as an english grad student myself, i ALWAYS go patchless during spring break. and a wet argyle contest actually sounds kind of hot....]

  15. Re the recent article in the NY Times, I would like to contact A.D. Miles. Would you please give me his email address, preferably, and if not his telephone contact number. I’ve been on Conan O’Brien. The show…..not Conan.
    Thank you,
    chuck marti

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