Time Magazine

Click here to read what Time Magazine had to say about my NYT spoof.


  1. A mention in Time Magazine – WOW!!! I am SO proud of you and the “insider comedian circle” you roll with! :-)

  2. TIME? Well, well, well! I knew it! Afterall, it was just a matter of TIME now wasn’t it?

    Congratulations – it’s your TIME to shine!

  3. You never fail to impress…time after time….

  4. forget TIME, you guys are on Hulu!! http://www.hulu.com/stella

  5. why micheal why?? please come back to princeton public library!! i can’t believe i missed you being there! i just didn’t find out in time. that would have been so great. please do that again… i’m so sad i missed it. i live about 10 minutes away i would have been there right away had i known… :(

  6. wow, i’m still really upset. i can’t believe it. please do something in princeton again.

  7. Awwww, poor Abby!

    See?! Proof you should post more Mr. Showalter. So Abby doesn’t cry so hard (it’s ok Abby, shhhhhhhhh.)

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