New York Times Parody

I wrote and directed this parody of the annoying NYT “Weekender” subscriptions commercials. It’s a promo for the great new arts and culture venue 92Y Tribeca. The video stars lots of recognizable faces including: Todd Barry, Zak Orth, Jon Benjamin, Mike Birbiglia, Andrea Rosen, Mike Black, Jordan Carlos, David Wain, Kate Comer, Shonali Blahnik, Jaqueline Novak, David Wain, Eugene Mirman, Paul Rudd, Leo Allen and more.


  1. Top notch! Perfectly funny from start to finish.

  2. hehehehhehe

  3. […] Michael Showalter wrote and directed this video to promote 92YTribeca (to spite not actually having anything to do with it).  The home of Comedy Below Canal which instantly became one of the biggest indy comedy shows in the frickin world (Disclaimer: I’ve done almost no research about this.  I just opened my window, looked out to see if I could find a bigger show and I didn’t.  But it really is big). […]

  4. Susanna (Frodo)

    I was laughing myself silly when I watched this last night – kudos to you for writing and directing it!!

  5. “I like to f*ck my wife on top of the sports page”

    I nearly choked! In a good way, if that’s possible. And who else could have delivered that so well…

    The whole thing was genius. More of this sort of thing!

  6. awesome and hilarious. and awesomely hilarious.

  7. Michael….as one of the people in that actual commercial (the “business guy” I think you did an excellent job. It is so very funny, and my only remark is that it would have been waaaaaaayyyyy funnier if I were in it. ;-) Great work….I would love to hear from you to tell you a bit more, so reach out if you can.


  8. seriously, that is perfectly genius


    Where did the cat fight video go? I just watched it and went to comment and POOF it’s gone.

    Did that demon life get you in it’s sway?

  10. Hey! That was amazing! And, it had an unexpected surprise for me — H. Jon Benjamin who I adore! I mostly love it though when my two separate nerd loves boink and give me nerd young, and I stroke that nerd baby’s drooly little chin, and I love its funny weirdness for all time, and it is good.

    Thank you Michal Showalter . . . So happy :)

  11. No I did not just typo your name either MichaEl Showalter.

  12. Didn’t I tell you that you should shoot some video for us? I mean, you nailed it. Great work, Mike.

  13. hahaha that sh*t is great!

  14. this is ridic! and too funny.

  15. […] dozens of shows and movies, a few comedy albums, some kids, a bunch of cats, a wife, at least one commercial parody, a collection of mind-blowing essays (in paperback July 14), a web talk show, and a […]

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