STELLA Article: Brooklyn Rail

A very cool and smart article about Stella and pop culture in general click here to read.


  1. Great article! That person knows their Stella!
    (I loved Three’s Company too)

  2. That guy nailed it.

    He’s as cool as we are!

  3. Susanna (Frodo)

    “STELLA operates on an entirely separate plane, proffering an individualized world with its own internal logic, one which resembles contemporary human reality but also departs from its dictums willfully, unquestioningly, and without need of explanation.”

    ^Best. Show Description. EVER.

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  5. I have to say, I think this article totally missed the mark. If there’s anything I came to appreciate about Stella, it was its sense of verisimilitude. The first time the fine and proper gentlemen fluffed pillows in their kitchen cabinets, I thought “finally, cinéma vérité has made its way to the small screen.”

  6. You live in brooklyn too! Stella!

  7. I really enjoyed this blog.,Daci

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