A splash of color intended to spruce things up.

This splash of color is intended to spruce things up a little bit.
I created this splash color of during a phone conversation with
Michael Black. He and I were discussing the british “Office” at the time.
I was listening to the “Sweeney Todd” movie soundtrack. This splash of
color combines: green, red, yellow, blue and green. (Yes, I did say green twice.)


  1. it’s pretty and colorful and would make a nice design for a paper napkin.

  2. annastar@mac.com

    uhh, okay, we’re twins.
    i love the uk office & sweeney todd!
    although i must admit that the us version is actually better.

  3. That must have been one intense conversation!

  4. The BBC version, highlighting the great Ricky Jervais (with the Jewel/Cher eye teeth), is far superior to the US version, in my opinion. Talent aside, I also love the Brits for rebelling against the plastic surgery plus toupe’/extensions plus braces plus botox ways of Hollywood.

    That colorful explosion of a doodle is, also, far superior to anything that an American would do. I’m surprised you’re not 100 percent British.

    I tried to bring us full circle here, but ended up with a pentagram instead. Please do not sit inside it and light candles.

  5. At once colorful and splashy. Is this a statement on the gauche extravagance of Hollywood, _illustrating_ (haha) it’s emphasis on gaudy simulacrum, a cheap polychromatic in yo face version of something truer, inspiring barbarous splashes and slashes of color? . . . Or, it just pretty?

    I like the U.S. Office :) Thanks for the napkin!

  6. Susanna (Frodo)

    My day has now officially been spruced up a bit.

  7. That’s a sprucing doodle indeed. I love it.

    It seriously demands to made into a textile print for interior furnishings. The Earl of Bath would probably paper a whole room with it.

  8. In all fairness, they’re two different greens. So it’s acceptable.

    Nice use of MSPaint. Did you use a mouse?

    I think I’m assuming too much. You seem like a Mac guy. <3

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