Tim sleeps, imitates a dead body.


  1. Please oh please take one with both your kitties. If not possible, then one of them will suffice. I guess someone needs to hold the camera and jiggle the feathery toy-on-a-stick.
    He sleeps alot. Maybe you should introduce him to the world of coffee?

  2. Play dead = booty call in kitty terms
    ugh, you should know that

  3. Tim looks like I feel.

    Tim, little fella? You and me bud. Let’s go for a fruit smoothie. Yes, I’ll pay.

    Michael, I see you are posting your videos on your site. Just re-watched the David Wain poop explosion one.

    You’re consistently hilarious.

  4. When are you going to have _Tim & Louise Awesome Show, Great Job!_ on the Michael Showalter Showalter?

    What an odd odd showalter that would be . . .

  5. Hey! That’s a CAT!

  6. Tim is the best

  7. coucoucouture

    is that a mini sheepskin rug? my kitty loved to sleep on them too. he would “knead” it like it was his mama. vestigial kitten behavior. it’s very comforting. btw, i think i am missing my sheepskin rug. could that be mine?

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