Louise impersonates feral beast.


  1. whoa,did he rip your arm to shreds?
    Did your kitties grow up together? I’m having a problem with our new one,Henry. It’s kind of entertaining to watch them do the yowling,creeping circle dance but not so much when the fur flies.

  2. You must smell like tuna or something because I can picture here yelling “FEED ME NOW!!” before scratching your eyes out.

  3. Damn! It looks like she scared the sunglasses right off your face!

  4. the cat photos that you post bring me so much joy. and i find their names amusing!

  5. You should give up the whole comedy writing career you have goin’ and concentrate on cat photography.

  6. holycrappitycrap and geezalou! ise.

    (get it? geezalou…ise.eh.)

    She _is_ feralociously scary.

  7. feral cat is feral

  8. I like any photos with your cats or those sunglasses. Even better when they’re together.

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