Stella at SF Sketchfest

Last night we did Stella at Cobb’s. Here’s a picture of the marquee.

The Doilies, my folk rock duo with Zak Orth performed. Here’s a picture we took of ourselves. Zak is holding an “E”. The “E” stands for “Awesome”!

Backstage during the show my feet got hobbled. Here’s a picture of that.


  1. That last pic! Stop it! So funny!

    I’m sorry you have a hobbler in your midst. Say the word and I’ll kick her ass.

  2. That first pic is really cool!
    I like the debonair way the hair is slicked back,although I prefer the devil-may-care ruffled look.
    I’m really sorry about that whole hobbling thing. I was having an “off” day.
    Renee,commence to ass kicking.

  3. You rocked the house with The State, Stella and The Doilies performances at Sketchfest!! It was so AWESOME to see you!!

    Also, congrats on your show getting picked up by Comedy Central! I’m so looking forward to watching it! (Spring, maybe?)

    Now I have to go make some Chicken Soup, Split Pea Soup, French Onion Soup. :-)

  4. Dirty bird!

    Hey, who turned MIB into a black alien? (Or “Aelian Black” as the French say)

  5. I am in the middle of watching The Baxter for the umpteenth time…I saw your bandmate! I didn’t know of the Doilies before this viewing. You guys always link all of your projects together!

    MIB and David Wain’s cameos are amazing.

  6. I do say! Snaps such as these never graced my eyes in my time as a flying ace in the Royal Air Force during WWII. GOOD SHOW!

    j/k kewl pics!

  7. It’s just me again. I thought I’d inform you that I’ve been dead for 19 years. Very disturbing indeed.

    but seriously, kewl pics!

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