Rolling Stone Article: The State Reunion

Read me to read about The State reunion that I’m about.


  1. <3 you guys rule…

  2. Read me to read how amazing I think you are, especially when I read others also thinking the same –> very.

  3. Due to my obsession with Polaroids, I check regularly. In the one he took of all of you for Sketchfest you have the cutest expression. Just thought you might want to know. Alos, I LOVE whatever Joe Lo Truglio is wearing. It looks like some sort of shiny polyester button up with a totally rad landscape print on it. Awesome.

  4. I was just listening to you on xm. Funny, but about your washing after peeing routine, did you ever consider the strong likelyhood that piss might be present both in your underware and on your cock to some degree, and that is what you may want to wash off your your hands. If your dick is that clean perhaps you should begin using it as a utencil as the grave digger used his to bury corpses.

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