The State reunion began yesterday with a little rehearsal at the Eureka Theater. Here’s some photos of it that I took with my iPhone.

Here’s Tom Lennon using a microphone like it’s a penis.

Old pals: Kerri Kenny and Michael Ian Black; goofing about on stage.

Kevin Allison and Michael Jann mugging for the camera a little.

Here’s David Wain, Ben Garant and Tom Lennon practicing their parts for “Porcupine Racetrack.”

Hey! There’s Joe LoTruglio looking over a script. “Hi Joe!”

And there’s Todd Holoubek and Ken Marino talking to eachother outside on the street. “Hi Guys! How’s it going?”

And here’s me and Ken Marino acting super-serious. “Why so serious you two?!”


  1. What a momentous occasion! I wish I could be there. :( Also, when you’re stuck in a booth with Michael Ian Black, tell him that a fan thinks that you’re definitely the more skilled photographer.

  2. Love the pics…keep them coming! THey are missing one thing though. Cats!

    Black’s sweater is totally gay. Cutting edge, but in a gay way.

  3. Thanks for the pics and captions, Sho. Looks like a lot of fun. I do hope we get to see some videos or something from the show eventually.

  4. An observation: Kerri, although simply adorable, has a longer middle finger than ET!

  5. Camille — hush yo mouth!! Besides, untrue. Look at that pretty pussycat with the ET finger. That counts.

    Totally counts.

  6. Yay Y’all! I love knowing awesome things, though it just makes me depressed that I have to do the outside-in thing, like a little scrappy but downtrodden orphan with my nose tweaked up against the glass at the pet store, peering in with Precious Moments eyes at the playing kitties and a rumbly tumbly. Awww, free ticket? ;p


  7. At the panel discussion, Wain showed a doodle of the tentative name for The State.. assuming the daisy chain was your work, is there any chance you can post that up in your drawings section?

  8. You and Ken make a beautiful couple.

  9. It’s amazing- Joe LoTruglio really doesn’t look like he’s aged a bit since ’93.

    As for you, Mike…. you’re like a good wine; you just keep getting better with time, my friend- better with time.

  10. I’m to be on that list one day, though!

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