A Cat Sandwich (which is funny because my comedy record is called “Sandwiches & Cats” teehee teehee hee)


  1. hahaha! Michael Middlename Showalter. You’re incorrigible. Your fascination with cats amuses me to no end.

    But it has been a process. Something along the lines of: 1) “No. It’s not another cat.” Then, 2) “Damn it! It’s more Cats!” 3) Next, “Okay, a cat. How about a picture of you WITH the cats?” Then, 3) “Woe is me. A cat.” Then finally, 4)”Alright, it’s a cat. The cat thing is now making me sniggle. Ok then, Cats it is!”

    Acceptance. Cat sandwich is infinitely funny. Where’s the sandwich toothpick and olive?

  2. And what’s a Nej? Is it a cat? I’ll bet it’s a cat.

  3. cats are awesome. i’m glad we agree on this :).

  4. This image is why I am a vegetarian.

    And I, too, wonder what a nej is…

  5. it’s swedish for no

  6. Are you sure? Maybe the image is transposed. Maybe this is a picture of girl cat named jeN?

  7. This picture is ripe for doodling.

  8. are you being paid by the Swedish FIsh people?

  9. hahaha so that’s where I’ve seen this from before

  10. That cat looks pissed to there. He deserves to be eaten! Just kiddin’.
    He does looks pretty delicious,though.

  11. The cat needs some mustard.

    Mustard goes with everything.

    (tee hee hee. See what *I* did? I referenced a statement made by you on your “Sandwiches and Cats” CD!)

    Remember, your sandwich is your life! This is your life we’re talking about. (more references!)

    Tell you what I’d like right now. A MICHAEL(s) sandwich. MEEEOOOWW.

    I must be ovulating.

  12. Ah Renee, I was thinking the same thing. This posting prompted me to listen to the album again. That kitty needs to be between some artisan bread,though. Cause we all know bread is king.

    Hey Sho, you may like this book that just came out:

  13. Is that a Bengal kitty?

  14. I don’t think Swedish Fish are tasty. There. I’ve said it.

  15. Also, do you notice how much Top Chef people say “tasty” these days? Stephanie did that especially, but Gail does too. It’s the ultimate culinary compliment apparently.

    Swedish Fish are not tasty. Too much sweet, not enough savory :)

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