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Tim sleeps, imitates a dead body.

Louise impersonates feral beast.

Tim rests chin on arm of chair striking funny position.

Tim in human state of repose.

Rolling Stone Article: The State Reunion

Read me to read about The State reunion that I’m about.

Stella at SF Sketchfest

Last night we did Stella at Cobb’s. Here’s a picture of the marquee.

The Doilies, my folk rock duo with Zak Orth performed. Here’s a picture we took of ourselves. Zak is holding an “E”. The “E” stands for “Awesome”!

Backstage during the show my feet got hobbled. Here’s a picture of that.

Another pic from The State reunion at SF Sketchfest!!!

There we all are right after our show. It was great to all be together again.
Everyone looks really glum because most of don’t like to smile but
in actuality we were all in good moods.


The State reunion began yesterday with a little rehearsal at the Eureka Theater. Here’s some photos of it that I took with my iPhone.

Here’s Tom Lennon using a microphone like it’s a penis.

Old pals: Kerri Kenny and Michael Ian Black; goofing about on stage.

Kevin Allison and Michael Jann mugging for the camera a little.

Here’s David Wain, Ben Garant and Tom Lennon practicing their parts for “Porcupine Racetrack.”

Hey! There’s Joe LoTruglio looking over a script. “Hi Joe!”

And there’s Todd Holoubek and Ken Marino talking to eachother outside on the street. “Hi Guys! How’s it going?”

And here’s me and Ken Marino acting super-serious. “Why so serious you two?!”

A Cat Sandwich (which is funny because my comedy record is called “Sandwiches & Cats” teehee teehee hee)