The State Reunion @ SF Sketchfest


  1. Sounds like the makings of a “funny EXPLOSION”!!!

  2. I will be attending all State/Stella related events at Sketchfest. Would not miss this for the world! See you there, Sho-man.

  3. If only Texas weren’t so far, and I weren’t so poor. Grrrr. Deficient funding sucks. Break many legs Mr. Sho!

  4. This is a comedy dream come true for my brother and I! A ton of our favorite comedians are going to be there. Most likely I won’t make it unless I miraculously come up with the money in the next month. Maybe next years.

  5. wish i could be there! that would be a great show to see.

  6. I just watched the weirdest tribute video on YouTube to you. A shirtless man pledges his love to all that is Showalter. It is at once sweet and horrifically creepy. And then I swirled into a bottomless YouTube drain of YouTube Video watching which yielded excellent results on the birth of hip hop lovers.

    Because I do have no idea what it’s like to grow up on the mean streets of Princeton New Jersey, wanting for NOTHING! That, Mr. Mike, was hilarious. Thank you. Also, I want the last hour of my life back from YouTube. Can you do something about that?

  7. Wierd shirtless tribute (I like to misspell wierd. It’s wierd):

  8. I refuse to comment on this.

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