Louise Watches MSNBC


  1. Awwwwww, look at that. Rachel or Keiths show? (Or maybe even both)

    Michael, before I forget, here’s hoping your holidays are wonderful. And stay warm and snuggly, you Cutiepie, you.

  2. hehe…it looks like he’s really attempting to understand what’s going on in the news. I suspect I look the same when I’m trying to watch the stock market reports.(I don’t watch those)

    Cuuuuuute……and happy holidays to you!

  3. I love how your blog has cat pictures as the last three posts. Yay!

  4. Your kitties sure are smart! Keep the cat pictures coming- I love cats!

    Also, Happy Holidays to you, Michael Showalter! (-:

  5. I appreciate you posting cat pics on my birthday. As I quite like cats. And you.

  6. Shocking — cat photos! I never woulda guessed, but here’s Louise. Yay, I have a soft spot in my heart for Miss Lou. She’s not shrinking, good on her, and Happy Holidays Mr. Showalter! Drink some cider and do your thang, surrounded by cats.

  7. I am officially putting your cats on a “TV Time Out”. They need to read more! ;-)

  8. louise looks perplexed.

  9. You should post a tacky holiday card-type picture of you in a really cheesy looking holiday sweater posing with your 2 “kids”. Put some holiday stuff on them too (cute hats, bells, etc). I dare you. We’d all love to see that! (-;

  10. Whats weird is (and you know it was weird) you actually DID post a blog with a holiday sweater per Kristinas request. Thing is, it came up on google reader. Then I clicked on it and POOF. It was gone. Was it just my imagination? Running away with me? Was it just my imaginaaatttiioonn? Running awwwwaaaayyy with me? So. So we’ll be married and raise a family, ooooh yeaahhh…(I love the Boyz II Men version.)

  11. you really went “all out” on that DVD player…

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