Tim strikes a pose (as Louise looks on)

Tim has major league ‘tude.


  1. Haha! He sure enough does have ‘tude. TO SPARE. That expression is hilarious.

    It’s that shiny tuxedo coat he’s donning. And poor sweet Louise, left pale and shrinking in his wake.

  2. I LOVE it and you should frame this one. You also need to post one with all three of you.

    This is my cat. She’s a real fair weather bitch and will probably shred my legs when she sees I posted a pic of her with an eye booger.

  3. America’s Next Top Cat.

  4. oh my god. hahaha. im not even kidding, but that looks like Tyra the Cat, not gonna lie. also, i’m not sure where else to write this, but i believe you were definitely the funniest last night in LA for the last Stella tour. great job by all three of you, plus Tom Lennon & Joe LoTruglio! it was nice meeting you & Michael again as well.

  5. My cat, evil betty, has a crush on tim. She started purring when she saw tim. Puppy love.

  6. Louise is quite the voyeur. Is this like, Tim is the overachieving “interesting” sibling, and Louise is the quiet “in the shadow” sibling? Awwww, what about Louise? Don’t let her shrink!

    However, Tim does cast quite a shadow — I bet he does quite a turn on the catwalk (get it? I worked in cats. Since you love them). Love the picture. Of cats. More. . . cats. Yup.

  7. By the way — congrats on not losing your wallet! Haha. As I have said elsewhere, I’ve lost mine twice this week. Lost it Thursday, picked it up Friday, then lost it again Sunday, and just got it back yesterday. Teach me your ways please.

  8. I live in North Carolina; one of my best friends lives in Cleavland OH. Several weeks ago I told her about the Stella show at The House of Blues & asked her to go see it so I could live vicariously through her since there aren’t any shows I can get to.
    About a week later, I asked her if she had gotten tickets; she hadn’t and said she’d probally be more motivated to get them if “the real guys” were going to be there. I was like…what?
    She was under the impression that the Stella tour is like a touring Broadway show and said something like, “If Phantom of the Opera played in Cleavland, Michael Crawford wouldn’t be the lead. They’re famous, they’re not going to be in a show here”.
    So I assured her that Joe Blow wouldn’t be playing the part of Michael Showalter. Turns out that was the motivation she needed, got tickets, saw the show & said it was really funny.
    Just wanted to share that story & say that you guys should try to do a show in NC, for real!!

  9. Your cat’s name is the same as my middle name. Louise, not Tim.

    You need to post pics of you WITH them!

  10. That pose has a definite Rihanna vibe to it.

  11. This looks like the cover of a rap cd.

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