My strange sleeping cat Tim


  1. your love of cats runs crazily deep. crazily.

  2. Soooooooo precious! It’s cool that they have their own bean bags to sleep on.

  3. You and Lester are a match!

  4. He looks like a bowling pin. But with froggy legs. And his paws are tucked in like he’s “lying in state”.

    Your cat rocks.

  5. Cute cats.

    I was just regretting not trying to talk to you after your (stella-r) show tonight when I saw the schedule on the side of this web page. You’re way busy. So, you’re welcome for being a good fan and not bothering you.

    And sorry that guy said “Showalter me your dick,” it was rough on all of us.

  6. ooooooh MAN! I have major kitty lust right now. I know my cat would love a squirrel chasing companion.(besides me)

  7. My cat, Julius, sleeps in that position occasionally. Must be comfy.

  8. What a precious kitty! I just want to rub that belly.

  9. it’s comforting to know that there is someone else out there that loves cats maybe even more than i do…just maybe more…:-)

  10. i mean, looking at this picture how could you not?

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