Tim watches the news.


  1. I bet Tim wishes he could change the channel.

  2. Oh Mr. Sho — I thought you _liked_ cats! I am calling PETA.

  3. I hope Tim is going to vote. He probably has a better understanding of what’s at stake for the future of the free world than most humans that are actually allowed to vote.

  4. Maybe Tim is the reincarnated soul of Tim Russert, hence his affection for news. Tim the cat probably knows more about current events than Sarah Palin.

  5. I also think it’s funny that when I visit one of your blog entries, on my little RSS feed menu thing, your face is how I know which entries I recently visited. Just a floating Michael Showalter.

    I think discombobulated heads are humorous.

  6. This makes me want a flat screen tv.
    And a new beta player.

  7. Was that a fur ball in Timmy’s pants or was he just happy to see her?

  8. The obsessive-compulsive in me REALLY wants to rearrange your drawers. Yikes.

    By garment and then color, preferably.

  9. So did Tim watch last night? What did he think. C’mon Tim! I know you are a boy, but be objective. Who rocked your crumpled brown sock?!

  10. ok this is adorable! does having two cats mean you’re single?

  11. Upon my 1000th trip here, I have further considered your feline friends and concluded a few things. First, I like that your cats take turns watching TV: Louise first watches the game, then Tim watches Palin. Is this what they were waiting in line for? If so, Louise cut. Or Tim is extremely gallant.

    So, secondly, I like these curious kitty traits (cutting and gallantry). Lastly, I also like that your cats don’t go for the obvious gender roles. Louise = sports, Tim = strong female politician (ha, ok, need straight face for that). Good for your cats, those subversive playful things. The End.

    Now, what else you got? :)

  12. I hope Tim isn’t on the “Sara Palin is a folksy, hot, maveric” train.

  13. Scrape scrape. Look, I waited a whole week. That’s like when someone doesn’t have sex and they become a virgin again because they waited so long. That’s me. ‘cept I just whored myself again. Oh well.

    Scrape scrape.

  14. Right on, Jaime! I’ll even take more kitty pics. Our dog just died and I’m thinking of getting another kitty, unbeknownst to my husband. I’d like someone to blame and if you post cute kitty couple pics, I can lay it on you.

  15. I smash your pumpkin

    Hey Sho. What do ya know. Your cat watches too much televisio. 2+2=4. Where’s plumber Joe. I see some snow. Time to go, yo!

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  17. Michal Showalter, I just saw a picture of you and the Stella boys over on Mr. Black’s page. How is it you are just getting handsomer with the years? The fairness is inherently unfair. Oh well, congrats on the tour, and you stink for not coming to TX. After you received such warm welcome and got lost on our thoroughly confusing Austin streets??! I do not understand this decision ;p Good luck on the tour!

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