Tim, Louise and a crumpled brown sock on my bed.


  1. New additions? Well, they are new to us…so, congrats on your new cats! (hey, that rhymes!)

    Congrats on the crumpled brown sock as well.

  2. Ahhhhhh, there we go! :) I will take grainy cat photos with socks. You are so weird. I love that.

  3. Cats are adorable. And their names are adorable, proper ‘people’ names. I salute you for that.

  4. THis makes me want to get another cat.

  5. I bet they loved your stinky sock. YAY! Stinky socks! That’s what they say to themselves. (Or maybe that’s just dogs). ?

    Anyway, they’re cute as buttons. I think you should write stories about them and keep us abreast as to what they are thinking and doing. Come on! You know that would be fun. “The daily happenings of Louise and Tim” by Michael Showalter.
    There. I got ya started…

  6. it looks like theyre waiting in line for something.
    my cats names are steven and frank. they could be friends in line together.

  7. My cats prefer gray socks. As I speak, Max and Benny are having their usual wrestling match in between naps. Max is such an amazing cat that she magically switched genders from male to female 6 months after we got her from the pound. Benny has yet to prove himself as an equally amazing cat. He’s only a few months old though, so he’s still got time to do a crazy trick.

  8. This makes me miss my Flibbertygibbit and Dookie:(

  9. Camille — hahaha — did you really have a cat named Dookie? Really?

    You are my heroine.

    (not heroin. There’s a difference.)

  10. i do hope they’re friends. it’s always the worst when they’re not friends. of course, from the look of it, it appears they are :).

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