Louise watches a ballgame.


  1. You know: if you had a forum where people could show you pictures of their cats, too, maybe they wouldn’t bring them to your shows.

  2. I’ve heard that cats love watching the Mets.

  3. I love that you love cats. Not many men love cats, they’re considered a girly pet.

  4. I’m worried about Lou-Lou’s eyes. (You call her that, don’t you?) She’s up WAY too close to the screen. She’ll be meowing out the other side of her mouth after she has to get glasses, tell you that right now! You tell her Dad. Tell her! “Boys dont make passes on girls…”

  5. I enjoy this little Cribs blog! Now that we’ve seen where “the magic happens”, can we see the kitchen and the contents of your fridge?

  6. dude, NICE!

  7. Is that a picture of Einstein on your wall?

  8. she needs to back up or else she one day may need glasses

  9. The cat looks like a beard. sir.

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