New Yorker Cartoon-Off!

I recently competed with New Yorker cartoonist Farley Katz in a “cartoon-off” Follow the link to see it. LINK


  1. Dear Michael,
    My eye beheld, and found your cartoons to be more subtile, personal, funny and therefore, more beautiful. My eye decided you were the clear winner. However, my brain thought the reaction to your win showed a great lack of humility and was quite disapointed with this display of childishness. I thouht you were a gentleman.

  2. That link works Daniel, thanks for posting it.

    Oh Michael, lookie what we have here. Unique and funny cartoons (as usual), fun interview, and before I get carried away – congratulations on getting your own show! No doubt it will be the best thing on television.


    The Old Broad

  3. For a minute I thought my old broad eyes read Renee’s sign off as “smoothies”. That souns delicious.

    So glad to see movin’ and shakin’!

  4. I just checked the NY site…so funny! Thanks for keepin’ it real,yo.

  5. Your toons were Sho-tastic!! I would never want to live in a world that wasn’t filled with people in sweaters drinking coffee and having (awkward) small talk. You deserved every bite of that hot dog you forfeited.

  6. I expected greatness, and got more than that. Y’all are so talented.

  7. Hey — I think that was MY crazy/cool uncle too. Gasp — are you my brother? Answer: Yes — my funk soul brother.

    Yaaay, whimsical Showalter cartoons. Thank you.

  8. Didn’t I challenge you to a cartoon-off like, a year ago? What happened with that?

  9. coucou couture

    Your New Yorker cartoons in the cartoon-off were very French and blasé. Sort of, what the cartoons would look like if Jean-Paul Sartre edited the New Yorker. I love it! Also, did you realize you just fulfilled a childhood dream: to draw cartoons for the New Yorker [online at that, so it’s never crumpled and thrown away] plus you get a hotdog in the mail.

  10. that was really good.

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