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  1. congrats!

  2. Bravo for admitting that you are a music thief.

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one here who shoplifted music.

  4. i laughed and enjoyed that one. weird al was funny. hopefully you’ll post here when you blog because i will never check SPIN.

  5. It sounds abit forced to me, but I like it. I don’t think it has to be funny though I think that is why they hired you. I think you accomplished what they asked you to do.

  6. Omnipotent Swizzler

    Ralph irks my nerves. You on the other hand…I like.

  7. The best fuck music has got to be, Funk Rock.

  8. We Are Scientists did a cover of “Against All Odds”… Kind of.

  9. My friends and I did a little tribute to a certain Stella short. Enjoy. (and please don’t sue, it was merely for our own amusement).

  10. “Best Dry Humping Song: “99 Luftballons,” by the German chick who sings that song.”

    Aw man, now I’ll forever be jaded while watching my innocent children dancing on the Wii to this song. Thanks!

    (I actually like Keane…but I loves Radiohead as well. )

  11. An odd question.
    Is there a chance you were on Snoqualmie Pass yesterday(tuesday)?
    I could have sworn I saw you come into our coffee shop, just to take a look around and leave.
    If not you, then you should know of a doppelgänger afoot.

  12. Hi Michael!

    My name is Laura Jane. Good to meet you & all. I am a writer & editor over at, its such a killer blog, totally everything, girl-run, oh my god, wow.

    Cool! Well, I recently (today) wrote you an open letter on my blog. It involves a proposition & dare for you. I hope that you will read it, take the whole deal it, and possibly even get back to me! Wow!

    It’s right here:

    Hope all is good,

  13. There should be triathlon racing that starts with horse racing, then the jockeys get off and get on their hippos and race them, and finally get off the hippos and get on the shoulders of another human, and finish the race like that.


  15. yesterday was quite good stuff!

  16. awwww,Sho! Miss your blogs, you busy guy.

  17. Sara Bareilles! Is she labeled under Cat Power too? :)

  18. This is a suggestion for all of you folks out there to think about when you, or your friends need a laugh. Replace one of the words, in the title of any movie, book or song, with the word “blumpkin”. For example, “Gentlemen prefer Blondes” becomes “Gentlemen prefer Blumpkins”; or “A Clockwork Orange” to “A Clockwork Blumpkin”. And, of course “Venus in Furs” would be “Blumpkin in Furs”. You get the idea; run with it.

  19. Happy Birthday Michael!

  20. Happy happy brother.

    Can we expect a blog update soon?

    Remember when you posted that one about your first (or third was it?) crush and the hi tech cameras? I just read it. It reminded me of the time one of my friends accidentally said something out loud from a make-believe conversation she was having and I realized– other people do it tooooo! Anyway… that was an excellent little gem and very charming.

    All the best for a wonderful year!

  21. Michael –

    I hope you are sitting when i tell you this news. Better yet, i hope you’re laying in bed reading your mail because no amount of nailed shoes to the floor could keep you from being leveled by the shocking news i’m about to unveil.

    You have a brother living in NYC.

    Ludicrous you say? Impossible? I’ve snapped photographic evidence which proves otherwise. He was headed southbound on the N train. Dressed in his usual work attire, wallstreet banker with the added touch of a new york times, crisply folded:

    So either this is your brother, or you’re living a double life as a investment banker on wallstreet secretly saving up funding for the Baxter 2.

    Don’t tell us the answer out of the two widely limited options i have given you. Leave us in suspense; we’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  22. #1 Congrats on the blog.
    #2 Great to see you on the street on that mighty hot day. I was a little spacey because of #3…
    #3-My new son Isaac Stewart Wolff born on Cinco de Mayo. I was on a mission that day and had 1 hour worth of baby sitting.

    Hope you are well.


  23. SHO!! update your site. I miss you and your doodles!

  24. Dear Marabelle,

    Enjoyed you on The Sound of Young America.
    Thanks for all the frog fracts.
    Please blog again soon.


    p.s. The people at Kitty Kind must be drunk with their own power. Any cat would be lucky to have you as their dad.

  25. Chris Landers

    Showalter seems ultimately to be a shallow, vapid modern fanboy, somehow achieving fame in this toilet bowl of a culture, not really impressive considering even major morons like Adam Sandler and Judd Apatow can somehow swill their way to the top by telling multiple fart, vagina, or ass jokes. Guess you’re just as complicit as the rest, Showalter, in slumming for comedy when you could become a caddy or a lackey or something you’re more qualified to do, something you would be doing if it weren’t for your friends, who are all pissing in the talent pool with fart and pee jokes. Really sad state of affairs – keep dumbing it down, keep getting farther away from real comedy.

  26. Hey Michael,
    Your blog is great my friend. You should do another one when you get a chance.
    Adam from Minnesota
    (sorry the minneapolis audience was full of dicks last winter)

  27. I miss you.

  28. The Baxter is softly becoming a classic for my wife and I after repeated cable viewings. It’s like a hot cup o’ cocoa on a blustery winter day … with marshmallows!

    Let us know when your art is available for purchase! I really love “Taking a Nap – Bird’s Eye View” … and others.

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  30. i love “Synchronicity”!

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