1. Why are you so worried, my little friend?

  2. i wondered where you’d been lately, but apparently you’ve had a lot on your mind.

  3. Have a seat….tell Aunty Camille all about it…pat,pat….

  4. Yeah, Big Daddy, what’s the dealio?
    *gum smack*

  5. i feel like youre one step away from posting what your poo looks like.

  6. I know that dude.

  7. This is exactly how I feel about the ongoing Democratic primaries.

  8. I feel like this when I think about George W. running the show; then I remember he has less than a year left in office.

  9. Michael come to Los Angeles! Michael and David are here and the weather is really nice, it will cheer you right up! Stop being so pensive all the time!

  10. Pensive – adj
    Of,characterized by, or disposed to thought: cogitaiive, contemplative, meditative, reflective, thinking, thoughtful. See thoughts

  11. Descartes sez “I think, therefore, I am.”

  12. i hope it’s not your cat.

  13. Hey are you worried about abrupt climate change and an Ice Age? I am!

  14. are you, perhaps, terrified and worrying about your stolen car? or is that just an awful rumor?

  15. Dont worry. I just watched the Baxter and thoroughly enjoyed it. Naked. Wahooooooo!

  16. As long as worrying can be channeled into funny doodles for others to enjoy, then all’s not lost. Besides, worrying can be turned on and off like a switch–you just need to find the switch.

  17. i worries all the time.

  18. You should get some new doodles up. I miss your doodles.

  19. I am also commenting on this drawing!

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