Alien Male in a Sweater



  1. This alien looks warm and comfortable.

  2. I can’t decide if I like “Alien in a Sweater” or “Alien in a Tweed Coat” for a band name.

  3. Cam, they would also work for my new “Whore” name.

    Your dooods make me smile Michael. I wonder where your head is a lot of times, which makes me smile even more. Then my lips start to quiver and hurt and twitch and I look sort of evil and witchy if I smile too long and too hard.

    It’s better to just masturbate.

  4. I’m not sure I understand the physiology of alien antennae. Is that like, cartilage? Bone? Are they engorged with blood? What?

  5. Another excellent batch of doodles. Not too chewy, and just moist enough to make them pleasurable.

    I won’t stop suggesting you make them into merchandise we can own until you do it. Please?

  6. Looks like two sweaters…one extreme, almost shirt-like, dickie and a snug, comfy, striped cardigan.

  7. Alien Male in a Sweater looks kind of like Michael Showalter in a Sweater. With antennae.

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