Monday February 18th To-Do List: Buy Paint

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  1. What color, what room???? (I like to paint walls when I’m bored,or at least think about it)

  2. Well, did you buy the paint? Did you??

  3. it looks like the city fell down.

  4. This picture makes my fingers move in a squishing motion. I want to feel the building cubes and squeeze them between my fingers, much like a Rubiks cube or maybe one of those homemade paper things that kids make in school where you count like 3 or 4 times and swing your fingers back and forth towards each other while your fingers are inside the paper folds then when you’re done counting you open the flap and there’s your answer!

  5. Shana Rae Ray

    hopefully you bought the paint at a REPUTABLE DEALER, such as ACE, the helpful place. just sayin’.

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