But As Soon As I Feel Like People Are Catching Onto My Disguise I Switch It up and Wear a New Disguise



  1. OMG, this one is EVEN BETTER then the last – CLASSIC!!!!!!

  2. That is amazing.

  3. Oh God, these are too much!
    Thanks for these “end of the work day” laughs Sho!

  4. the toothpick gives it away

  5. Were you at Mardi Gras? I think I saw you!

  6. I think you might be mistaken for Bruce Vilanch with this one, which is, at best, a lateral move.

  7. You have the look… but “Showalter” doesn’t sound French so I’m afraid you are not eligible for a position as a Musketeer of the Guard.

  8. I had no idea Bruce Vilanch was one of the Dutch masters.

  9. Not just Bruce Vilanch, but the love child of Bruce Vilanch and Guy Fawkes.

    You’re the fanciest man I know.

  10. Niall, you’re funny!

  11. i think this one is sure to work.

  12. This looks like an old woman disguising herself as a man-pire.

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