Self-Portrait: Me at a Coffee Shop Sandwiched in Between Two People



  1. does that woman have a mustache?

    i like the wallpaper.

  2. What’s it like having coffee with a trannie?

  3. You see yourself with hair so much thinner than the luxurious mane you sport. That’s called body dysmorphic and it effects teen girls everywhere. Should I hold a seminar for you?

    I love that wallpaper too.

  4. I bet that teeny-bopper is glad you’re between her and the trannie complaining about the lousy tips at the club last night.Someone needs to tell him that there’s no way he’ll ever pull off Dolly Parton.J-Lo,maybe, but not Dolly.

  5. Actually I’ve re-thought. Dude on the left is not a trannie. It’s Scott Bakula. He’s quantum lept into the body of a fancy woman at Showalter’s favorite coffee establishment.

  6. I thought the guy on the left was a Freddie Mercury impersonator. And that background makes my eyes happy.

  7. I am dying over the expressions on everyones faces!

    Seems like Trannie is talking to you about the myriad of side effects resulting from too much estrogen. You’re listening, politely, but without commitment. The pre-teen is re-thinking her 76th myspace message (cyber attempt), aimed, yet again, at that dreamy David Archuleta.

    (Speaking of…sure do miss your AI recaps)

  8. Everyone loves a pearl necklace. (Wink)

  9. I want that wallpaper.

    You’re way more handsome than you portray yourself here.

  10. It’s a guy in a tank top, gumby gold chain, and massive comb-over sitting next to Sho. And the girl on his left is his girlfriend. I like this because it has a “I like going to the coffee shop and feeling uncomfortable” feel to it.

  11. I don’t think I could get much work done at a coffee shop with such wallpaper.

  12. i feel really good about the picture abouve, im hungry

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