At a Certain Point He Had to Put Down the Pen and Simply Meditate on the Problem



  1. I hope your medidating on finishing your script with Michael now that the stike has ended =) Any word?

  2. Is that a sandwich?

  3. Uh-oh. It’s never good to sit and think too long about anything or anybody. “Idle minds are the devils playground”, dontchya know.

    I like that the hand by the face is soooo much larger than the wee hand in the lap. YAY!

  4. Reen, I like to believe that tiny hand / large hand is the problem on which he must meditate. It’s a metaphor. For something. I don’t know. I’m not clever right now. I’m in a birthday cake induced diabetic coma.

  5. This guy looks like he’s been juicing his pecs.

  6. i love how you’ve been adding all these doodles lately…

  7. these drawings are so good. i love that you’re putting more up. it’s inspiring.

  8. Courtney! Happy birthday darling!

  9. He has a large hand from all the writing…hence the need to put down his pen.

    I heart all these fabulous doodles.

  10. this one has a really great balance to it. I doubt that’s what you were going for when you were doodling it but that’s just what I think when i look at it. like, this guy is balancing on his huge hand so perfectly.

  11. …and punch himself in the face repeatedly.

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