Alien Space Craft Invade Major City



  1. Mass destruction! Violence! Who will save humanity? Showalter!

  2. Man, I love that you can see all the pen strokes in the sky.

  3. For one reason or another, I think this is my favorite one ever. I just like it.

  4. I see poached eggs.

  5. Can I put this on my son’s bedroom wall? This is right up his alley!
    Love it,Sho.

  6. Love it! This is SO cool looking! I’d like to see it under a black light.

    It affects (effects? Never get that one right..) me to the core. Why is this you ask? I’ll tell you. Next to puppets and antiques, this one taps right into one of my biggest irrational phobias – cantankerous aliens.

  7. Science Fiction for the win!

  8. tom cruise come out of the closet!

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