Plug Awards Videos


I made a bunch of videos for the upcoming indie music PLUG AWARDS. Click here to check’em out.


  1. aw, you really aren’t very good at improv, are you? rock…D…boyfriend…friend… i don’t even know.

    i’m just teasing you. i would totally shop at your basement mix tape store.

  2. Something I've noticed

    Does Michael Showalter like to answer his own questions? Yes. Do I still love his work? Yes. And by love his work, I mean want to bear his progeny. I say that primarily to use the word progeny in a sentence.

  3. Hey, you wrote a “bunch” – what am I missing? I saw part 1 and part 2 and they are both SO damned funny. And eclectic. And just plain funky-bunky.

    I’m sure I speak for the masses in saying I would trust you to make me a mix tape like no other, Governor.

  4. What’s a tape?

  5. looks like someone’s stepping on your toes:

    mayonnaise and bread? gross out.

  6. I like your categorization system. And the fact that you know there’s music on every single one of those tapes.

  7. every tape but MBC [metal before christ], that is.

  8. Best Week Ever posted excitedly about this days ago and I responded there. And I don’t remember what I said but it was probably good things. Good tidings, and good day sir.

  9. i’m glad there is a shrine for the first mixtape ever it deserves it. it had an interesting history as well

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