Procrastination By Day Dream



  1. The very best kind of day dream!

  2. Walter Mitty lives. With a pretty cool office, also.

  3. i have to admit, i used to greatly prefer your written entries, but lately your drawings have just stolen my heart away. this one is an excellent example of why.

    [though i am still wondering what ever became of clive]

  4. Is it wrong to covet this drawing?

  5. I like the detail in this one. AND I like the fact that his hands are under his desk. Is he just another city official fantasizing about anal sex with Chloris Leachman?


  6. This guy is getting a blowjob from his secretary.

  7. The building in the center looks like it has a cat’s face. The lack of calendar activity affords him time to daydream.

  8. The hints of red and pink, intentional? Or did your hand get smudgey?

    For some reason every time I see one of your drawings, I’m reminded to run to Whole Foods and get my various gluten-free things. I don’t know why that happens.

  9. dear mike show, do you like david archuleta? please doodle an oven fish. love, melissa

  10. At first, I thought this was the charlatan thinking, ?I hope they don’t figure me out.” It works for this picture, too, is all I’m saying is.

  11. Dear Melissa,
    David Archuleta talks like Zoolander.

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